What We Do

Exterior Residential Remodeling

At PDN Construction, we offer stucco (acrylic & conventional), parging, conventional, caulking, stone, concrete repairs, and exterior painting services.

Our team of experts offers you the combo of the best craftsmanship and quality products.

Stucco (Acrylic & Conventional)


It is our recommended product. Acrylic stucco is comprised of acrylic resin and polymers that give it elasticity to prevent hairline cracks. Acrylic is commonly known for being water-resistant, its retention, and color richness.

PDN Construction
PDN Construction


Conventional stucco is the most economical product option. It is made of mostly sand and cement. We are proud to offer a variety of colors and textures to best suit your design style.


Parging is the process of covering the foundation walls of your home with plaster or mortar. We apply a thin coat to refine the surface.


Caulking is the material that is used to seal cracks for leak prevention.

PDN Construction
PDN Construction

You Can Count on Us

At PDN Construction, we complete each project with precision and speed. Windows are completely masked with film or plastic to ensure full coverage with no overspray hitting your windows or screens.

We also work on stone remodeling and do concrete repairs as well.